Style Election 2012

10 Sep

Compliments of

Compliments of Harper’s Bazaar Online

Its election year.  Voters gather to listen to President Obama & Mitt Romney’s campaigns and positions on American politics.  Whether you are a Democratic or Republican, there is one thing you can most certainly agree on.  Mrs. Obama is fashionable.  No matter the occasion, the First Lady is stunning. 

Recently, Michelle Obama stepped out during the Democratic National Convention, held in Charlotte, N.C., wearing an amazing pink Tracy Reese dress.  The well-fitted number was perfect for the powerful speech she delivered as part of the campaign.  The intricate detail of shimmery gold flowers blended into the blue-gray trim along her calves which was more attention grabbing than what she was discussing. Mrs. Obama decided to add extra flare by trying out a matching gray nail polish which didn’t set well with some.  Every fashionista knows that grey is in for the fall season.  I thought her nails were classy which is a good fit for a woman with power. 

This isn’t the first time Mrs. Obama has been applauded for her unique fashions.  In January of 2011, she welcomed the Chinese President to the State dinner in a dazzling red Alexander McQueen gown.  What a great first impression!  Michelle has been seen in iconic sleeveless dresses and trending metallic flats.  All outfits always impress.

So whether you position is of the blue or red, always make sure you are part of the fashion party in the end.


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